His Steadfast Love Endures Forever!


“We believe God’s design is to have a holy people who live in communion with Him and reflect the life and values of the kingdom of heaven. God’s people exist to be communities of light in a darkening world.” A Vision of Kingdom Christianity



Kampala, Uganda. A city built on seven hills, with people literally everywhere. The estimated population is around 2 million! We are striving to be a community of light in this city. A people called to set a whole new direction, that takes its starting point from the Bible and not from the way things are done in the society that we live in. We are called to be salt and light, and we believe that this is a holy and important calling.

The past few months have been very fruitful here in Kampala. We would like to highlight some exciting things that have been happening, and thank all of you who prayerfully and financially make all of this possible.

After the Stierle family arrived in Uganda, the first thing that we wanted to do was reach out to our immediate community as a whole. So, what better way to get to know your neighbors then having them over for dinner! That’s right, we invited our neighborhood over for dinner. But not just any dinner, a 50lbs Nile Perch dinner!

We all had a blast working together to make this fish fry happen. It was a fantastic opportunity to get to know our local community, and for the community to get to know us. Some great relationships have been formed, but most importantly the gospel of the kingdom has been shared. In fact, we are working with someone right now who has expressed a real desire to follow after Jesus. We are praising God for this, and are in the process of sharing the Christian faith and the true cost to be a disciple of Jesus.

Some of you may be familiar with the disabilities center located in the heart of Jinja, because we frequently visit there. For those of you who may not know about the center, it is basically a community of disabled people who live together in a compound like setting that was donated to them by the government. After a recent visit to the center, it was brought to our attention that a man named Richard was having a bit of problem whenever it rained. Basically, when it was raining outside, it was raining inside. The shack that he was living in was totally uninhabitable, especially for someone who has a walking disability. So the brothers decided to build him a new place to live. Praise the Lord for the material and know-how.






The brothers have also created relationships with various university students in our area. They have been studying the bible together, and visiting different Christian groups at Makerere University. The main reason we decided to live where we do in Kampala, is to intentionally reach out to students. Speaking of the university, some sisters from our fellowship have started an abortion awareness group at Makerere. We will be giving more information on this in an upcoming blog post, as well as the purpose behind the vision of reaching out to young women about abortion.

We are very excited to announce Christian Aid Ministries has decided to partner with Followers of the Way Kampala to empower, and meet the needs of the poor in Uganda. We will be administering many of CAMS aid programs such as Support-A-Widow, Help-for-the-Elderly, Hope-for-the-Handicapped, Bibles-for-the-World, as well as savings groups that Brother Joseph Ssemanda will facilitate. This savings program is called SALT which is an acronym for Shared Accountability, Lending, and Teaching. Clyde Zimmerman, a CAM field representative, recently made a trip out to Kampala to train the brothers on how to administer the savings groups. Our goal in this is to reach out to people in material poverty and teach them, not only business principles but Biblical truths. Empowerment! Our goal is to walk alongside individuals, helping them use the resources God has placed in their care, and teach them the importance of following Jesus in everyday life.

We will close with an update about brother Victor (PRAY FOR VICTOR ). This past week he went to be with the Lord, after a six-year battle with cancer. Charlton, Greg, and Wanda traveled to Kenya for the burial. He will be missed very much.

Serving the King in Kampala,

Followers of the Way