Followers of the Way Kampala

Charlton Sweazy
Phone: +256 780 245 267

One thought on “Followers of the Way Kampala”

  1. Hi! My name is Betsy Hess. Am a friend of Gary Miller with CAM. Lord willing, will be in Uganda Jan 9-March 25. Will be working with Hospice Tororo but also will be in Jinja as sponsored children there. This is my 6th yr to come to Uganda and volunteer as a medical work. I have a medical student friend in Kampala and when I heard of your presence there would love to connect with you and if it would be a blessing support your efforts sometime while I am there–also have a girlfriend coming with me for a month. Especially interested in the refugees if there is an opportunity. Realize you are probably quite busy and I have your phone # and may attempt to reach you when I enter the country but would love to hear from you via email if you feel to contact me.

    my email is betsyhess71@

    God bless!

    Betsy Hess

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