Urgent Prayers Needed

23515624_10155774720030675_816468462_nThe pain in Gloria’s eyes was deep enough to get lost in, though quickly masked. As she sat across from us, retelling the unfathomable story of tragedy and loss.

In April of this year her three-month old, named Jasmine underwent hepatoportoenterostomy, which is a surgical treatment that helps bile drain from the liver due to a liver disease called Biliary Atresia. During this time her three-year old son, Jeremy, was sent to the village to stay with Grandma. While Gloria was in the hospital with baby Jasmine recovering from surgery, the unthinkable happened. Jeremy got hit by a car, and died.

Sometimes she still calls out his name, momentarily forgetting the magnitude of her loss. Sometimes she imagines he is just at school, but that dream quickly fades. What makes it so hard, was missing the burial of her son. The necessity of caring for her sick baby in the hospital took precedence over everything else.

Unfortunately three weeks after Jasmine’s surgery her symptoms recurred. Now at ten months old, she is fighting for her little life and is in desperate need of a liver transplant. At this time, while Gloria is in need of a miracle, she still holds on to the hope and faith she has in Christ Jesus.


As a church we are asking everyone to please pray for Jasmine and her family, share this post, and considering donating to help save this baby’s life. This surgery can not be done in Uganda, so she will have to travel to India within the next month. About $21,000 is still needed to cover the medical expenses.

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